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Last Call for Project 5.0

Last Call for Project 5.0! If you haven't sent in your logo shirts to Jayson for Project 5.0 and you want to participate and be in the running for funds from our annual Leave it for the Pooch Quilt and Art charity Auction, please send them in now ! This is Jayson’s last year in high school but we will still have the t-shirt Project , he will just not be pictured in your organization shirt, we will just highlight a animal in need for your organization and share it on all of our Social media pages, You would still need to send atleast one shirt any size for the quilt. These secures you a place in our Draws for Paws Event for possible funds

raised in our annual Leave it for the Pooch Quilt and Art Auction. Please consider participating we love highlighting organizations that work hard to save animals in need ! For Project 5.0 send two adult size large logo shirts to address below.

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