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Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Our quilt photos went viral when people who had never heard of Leave it for the Pooch saw our amazing quilts.

With so many rescues supporting our mission, Jayson wanted to do something meaningful with the donated rescue t-shirts. We gratefully enlisted volunteer quilters who volunteered their services to produce stunning, one of a kind quilts made from the t-shirts, that we then auctioned-off to raise money for the very rescues and shelters that had participated in the Rescue T-Shirt Project.

“We never dreamed that we would get such overwhelming support from the rescue community and from fellow animal lovers.”

The quilts are all one of a kind, although the quilters seem to each have a signature style. Some quilts have as few as 12 or 13 rescues featured, while one quilt from our 2020 auction featured 34 rescues!

For 2021, we have announced that the auction will feature two specialty quilts. One will be dedicated to pitbulls and bully breeds, which inspire the most loyal of devotees. The other special quilt for 2021 will feature rescues from the state in which we have the highest number of rescues participating.

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