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Get A Book or Give a Book

Would you like to purchase a book featuring kids doing great things to make a difference around the world? This is book 4 of a 7 series set of books featuring The Young Change Makers, Jayson the founder and president of Leave it for the Pooch is considered one of them. Jayson is in the book and on the cover of book #4. This is an amazing book to give as a gift to young Children inspiring to make a difference in the world. If you do not have a child, you can give a gift of a book to one of our local children during a school event that Jayson will host for either Save & Shine or Leave it for the Pooch event. If you would like to purchase a book to be donated, simply put donate in the comments when you purchase. Books are hardcover books and are priced at $18.00 each. You can purchase books through our PayPal, Venmo or Cash App please let us know in the comments where to send the books or if you will be donating to a chil


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