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Updated: Dec 10, 2020

When Jayson and his mom heard about this dog, they knew that they had to help.

Sadly, there are many stray dogs roaming the streets in Texas, which is why many rescues from other areas of the country try to step in with assistance.

“I can't even tell what breed it is. My kids don't want me to call animal control because they know what that will mean."

On Tuesday, December 8th, a good Samaritan contacted Jayson and his mom about a dog who had wandered onto their street. She told them that he has mange and an eye infection, and likely many other health concerns, given his condition.

Kim immediately started reaching out to rescues in the area, asking them to please help this pup. Luckily, we have some wonderful rescue friends in the Houston area, and we believe that one of them has arranged for Tank to go to a rescue in the northeast when he is able to travel. Stay tuned as we update you on this story.

If you would like to help "Tank" please DONATE and we will make sure that the money goes directly to the care of this heartbreakingly neglected boy.

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