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Project Save & Shine

Save & Shine


Leave it for the Pooch

PO Box 449

Montgomery, TX 77356


Save & Shine is an opportunity to educate elementary school children about fostering and the importance of pet care. With this project, they will learn about protecting and saving homeless pets while also showing compassion for these animals as well as for elderly people. They will prepare their “foster pet” for their loving forever home. The elderly people will then have the opportunity to “adopt” a pet. This is helpful to many elderly people that are in nursing homes and facilities that may have cognitive issues or are lonely.


  1. Teaching children that homeless animals can be saved by fostering.

  2. Teach children how to care for a pet.

  3. Brighten-up the day for seniors that are living in a facility or nursing home.

  4. Connecting children, elderly and animals through kindness and compassion.


Leave it for the Pooch (LIFTP) will supply the class with stuffed animals that they will learn how to care for as if they were real animals. They will learn what fostering homeless pets entails. The children will name their “pets” and write a summary about them. In this summary, the students will share some of the likes and dislikes of their “foster pet” as well as any special needs (if applicable) and any other pertinent information for the person that will be adopting them.

Leave it for the Pooch will collect all of the “pets” along with all summaries and then deliver them to the nursing home/facility. There the elderly will choose the “pet” that they want to “adopt”. They will be given the summary that goes with their “pet” and LIFTP will take a photo of them with their new “pet”.

LIFTP will then deliver the photos to the class that “fostered” so they can see that the “pets” that they cared for are now in their loving forever homes.

Final Notes

This project teaches children that fostering makes a difference for homeless animals as well as for the person that adopts them. The children will learn about fostering and adoption of homeless pets as well as how to care for a pet. This also helps to promote compassion for animals as well as for the elderly.

Leave it for the Pooch wishes to thank all that are participating in this project. We truly appreciate the support of the teachers and nursing homes and facilities that made this all possible. We are always striving to educate and advocate for needy and homeless animals and feel that this is best accomplished by teaching children. They are the future and are truly capable of making a difference and changing the world. By showing kindness and compassion to these “pets” and the elderly, they have realized that fostering does make a difference for homeless animals and those that adopt them. Jayson and all of us at Leave it for the Pooch are truly thankful for all that support us and work together to help animals in need.

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